Notify - Risk Management

"We decided to use Notify as the initial meetings proved to be very productive; the Notify team listened to our requirements and concerns and produced a clear specification. The project has been a great success and we have been very happy with the service provided by Notify."

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Jason Poyzer

Technical Project Manager, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man Government

How it works:

1. Produce best practice documents:

draft, review and publish risk assessment templates that can be shared across all levels of your business.

2. Schedule risk assessments:

delegate to managers with automatic reminders and escalations, helping to ensure risk assessments are completed on time, every time.

3. Easily complete risk assessments:

review relevant recent incidents and near misses, with guided risk scoring and the option to tailor hazards and controls.

4. Produce safe working practice documents:

distribute to the relevant team members highlighting any changes; confirm they have read and understood.

5. Learn and improve:

assess new hazards and controls and feedback into best practice documents.

Benefits include:

Increase engagement and foster a safer working environment

  • Increase efficiency and engagement by producing best practice risk assessments and sharing throughout your organisation with the click of a button
  • Instantly update all relevant staff on any changes by providing safe working practice documents electronically via phone, tablet or PC
  • View at a glance which of your team have read key documents and inputted into safety procedures

Identify potential risks in an instant

  • Support managers to more accurately measure risks through guided risk scoring based on incidents, near misses, and other site risk assessments
  • Improve best practice and reduce risk through enabling site managers to feedback new or changing hazards and controls
  • Visualise potential hazards by uploading site images and dragging and dropping icons to highlight risk areas and controls

Recognise trends to better inform decisions

  • Complete risk assessments faster and with greater accuracy through automatic analysis of historic incident and near miss data
  • Improve best practice by learning from your wider team
  • Proactively improve safe working practices and redistribute instantly following near misses or incidents

Additional features include:

Data and document export and system integration

Data and documents can be exported and Notify can be integrated with third party systems.

Branded for you

Your logo, your colours, your brand.


Calendar integration

Schedule risk assessments and actions providing a seamless experience.

Fully customisable

Data capture forms and workflows can be customised to your needs.